How to contact ASD Montreal

There are no charges or fees for your initial visit which will last about 30-60 minutes, and it offers parents the chance to see if the clinic is an environment they can envision their child in. It will also allow parents to see what the use of Verbal Behaviour methods look like in practice.

For this first visit we recommend coming without your child so that parents have time to absorb all of the pertinent information, and to ask questions. Most parents we meet are usually in the early stages of looking for services after having just received a diagnosis, so questions are usually abundant. We look forward to the opportunity to answer them and to offer more information about the difficult next steps of the long road ahead, even if it means directing them to other clinics or practitioners if parents do not see the clinic as appropriate for their child.

Contact us to schedule a tour of our clinic if you are interested in a place for your child.







2360 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest,

suite 207

Montreal, QC

H3J 1N4

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WE HAVE MOVED! As of March 1st, 2016, ASD Montreal can now be found in the heart of Atwater/St-Henri!

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