The Staff

Clinical Supervisor: Lara Yapar, M.ADS, BCBA


Lara joined ASD Montreal in 2014, having already completed her Bachelor's from Concordia University. Her prior experience included volunteering at the Pediatric Feeding Program at the Montreal Children's Hospital, as well as working as an ABA instructor/therapist in homes and daycares for several families in the Montreal area. Upon joining ASD Montreal Lara also embarked on the Master's of Applied Disability Studies from Brock University, completing it successfully in 2017. Over these three years, she has held a number of roles at the clinic, from frontline work (instructor/therapist) initially to increasingly more responsibilities such as senior therapist roles and community outreach consultations. In 2017, when ASD Montreal joined the Gold Centre, Lara was promoted to Clinical Supervisor. She achieved BCBA certification in the same year, and since then has been very active in the community. When she is not at the clinic she is teaching several of the classes offered by the Gold Centre (ABA with RBTTM, Support Worker Training), and is a board member of the Quebec Association of Behaviour Analysis (QcABA). To date she has worked with over 100 clients.

Senior Instructor: Daniel Blanchfield


Daniel joined ASD Montreal as a community outreach instructor in the summer of 2016. When he arrived, he came with a rich experience in local daycares, schools, and government agencies, starting with the West Montreal Readaptation Center where he was hired as an ABA therapist in 2013, and from there continued to take contracts in both the private and public sectors. Following this, he spent a year as a teacher with Endeavour, a special education program for adults offered through Place Cartier within the Lester B. Pearson school board where he gained valuable experience with older individuals with disabilities. In 2017, he decided to accept a full time position as an instructor at the clinic, while also embarking on his Master's degree in Applied Disabilities Studies at Brock University. In September of 2018, Daniel was promoted to Senior Instructor/Therapist at the clinic and helps Lara with the daily running of the clinic.

The Instructors

ASD Montreal prides itself on the high quality of our instruction. As described before, this comes from ongoing supervision by a certified behavior analysts (BCBA's), as well as from the extensive and continuing training of the instructors. Instructors have undergone a comprehensive training which lasts several weeks, during which a mixture of theory, observation, and practicum takes place. It is common in our field that instructors are placed with children after only a few hours of theoretical training, and even this can come at the client's expense. With the luxury of a clinic-based environment from which to train, we fully take advantage of having all of the necessary resources available to do a thorough and responsible training for each new staff member. We believe that this kind of intensive training is the foundation to becoming an effective instructor, in combination with regular evaluations to assess their skills. Their work is closely monitored, and they are gradually given more and more autonomy as their abilities allow. As a small clinic we believe that quality is essential over quantity, and despite requests to open up more spaces, we will do this only if we feel the quality of our work will not suffer.

The majority of the instructors at the clinic are university graduates or students (both Bachelors and Masters), who are pursuing a career either in the field of Behaviour Analysis, or in related fields such as Special Education or Psychology. We strive to hire staff who are interested in pursuing professional careers as behaviour analysts, and are in the process of the coursework and/or supervision requirements necessary. As of 2016 the staff at the clinic includes 3 BCBA's (including the director and the clinical supervisor), 2 BCaBA's, and 4 Registered Behaviour Technicians (RBT's).

ASD Montreal is able to offer instruction in French, English, and Spanish.

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